Monster Children 2015 PHOTO ANNUAL LAUNCH – LA

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Last night, we celebrated the launch of issue #49 of Monster Children, aka the photo annual issue. We also exhibited the winners and finalists of our 2015 Photo Competition. But wait, there’s more.

We also ended the drought in Los Angeles by quenching its population with cocktails by Bulleit and brewskies by Pabst Blue Ribbon. Then, just when everybody thought things couldn’t get any better, thanks to House of Guvera, No Age came on stage and quite literally obliterated everybody’s eardrums. Truly, not a single attendee of last night’s launch can hear today. One guy even went to the bathroom mid-set and reemerged with twisted toilet paper protruding from his ears in a last ditch attempt at salvaging his aural faculty.

A big thanks to the photo comp supporters—Bulleit, The Standard Hotels, Patagonia, Levis®, Corona Extra, and all of you for making the issue one hell of a reason to celebrate.

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