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The Naked and Famous have been calling LA home since beginning the recording process for their sophomore album, In Rolling Waves. The now semi-local band can be instantly recognized in the first few keys of “Young Blood” or the signature sound of Alisa Xayalith’s voice. In celebration of the new album and a slew of tour dates well into next year, the band recently stopped by KROQ to play the Red Bull Sound Space.


KROQ’s own Nicole Alvarez welcomed the band and started the show off with a brief interview. Before playing a mix of new and established hits, the group answered some questions about the new record, meeting their musical idols, Los Angeles vs. New Zealand celebrity culture, and living in Southern California.

Once the performance kicked off, Xayalith and Thom Powers played vocal tag, with each member taking the lead from one song to the next. This method is a favorite of mine, giving listeners an added value of a band whose shared talents covers a broader spectrum of sound. It means a lot when a band looks like they’re enjoying the show as much as the audience, and the smile on the face of each band member matched those found in the crowd.


I’ll admit, I was late in learning about The Naked and Famous. It wasn’t until a few months after the release of Passive Me, Aggressive You that I even heard a track off the album, but when I did, I was an instant fan, and seeing the live show only further solidified my admiration for the Kiwis.

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